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My name is Rebecca, but my friends call me Becca, so can you. I have never been good with words so I am hoping my blog is going to be somewhere I can share my crazy life and ideas with you.

Over the last couple of months, during lockdown, I have had time to think about why I am here. I have decided to start a blog about just that, my purpose in life, my hopes, my dreams and passions. I want you to feel like you can relate to the words I write and the thoughts that I put down on paper. So here it goes, my first blog post all about me…

I was born in High Wycombe on the 26th December (Yes, I was very nearly a Christmas baby, thanks mum for holding on, I appreciate that!). I am not sure mum really enjoyed Christmas Day, but I am sure I was nice and cozy whilst she was being made to go a walk with my grandma – ooops sorry. Thankfully when I was born, I was, and hopefully still am, the light of my parent’s life. Two years later along came Jonathan, my brother. We have always had very different interests, but we have always supported each other (more in later years) through challenges to help each other work towards our dreams.

I have many hobbies that keep me busy – all my friends tell me to slow down a bit, but I like to keep myself occupied and always love learning new skills. If you know me, or will soon be getting to know me, you should know that I LOVE to dance. My parents enrolled me in ballet and tap classes when I was 3 and whilst I looked quite cute doing it and enjoyed it at the time, my style has evolved into a love of commercial/ street dance.

I also have a great sense of adventure, travelling and exploring new places around the world is another passion of mine. (Look out for more about my adventures another time.) This leads me on nicely to the man I enjoy sharing all my adventures with.

I have the most amazing boyfriend. Ben and I met when we started secondary school in year 7 and got put in the same tutor class. He was one of my best friends all the way through school, but we did not start dating until he returned from university having completed his degree. Now here we are 6 years into our relationship, and I could not ask for a better partner, best friend, and ally.

Ben was the one that encouraged me to pursue my dreams of starting my own events company, I was always afraid, thinking I am not going to be good enough or nothing will come from it, yet here I am, making a go of it and I have to say it is working out pretty well.

I started work when I was 17 having always worked in Retail, I always wanted to get into events, but no one would give me a job because I didn’t have any experience, so one day I decided to start my own company. I have always had a passion for making people’s dreams become a reality.

I am reminded of a memory from a summer afternoon at my family home, which sparked my passion for wanting to plan other people’s big days. My cousin and I sat on the green outside my house (probably eating an ice cream) and watched a wedding party having their photos taken outside the hotel across the road. Ever since then I remember, like many girls planning my dream wedding. I have plans and mood boards for my own wedding so let’s see what the future brings.

Hopefully going forward my blog will give you inspiration to try something new, offer you an insight into the events industry or even just something to read to when you have a moment.

Until next time



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