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The difference between a Wedding coordinator and a Venue coordinator?

You might be thinking “If I am having my wedding at a venue, I have a team of people already running my wedding day for me”…this isn’t necessarily true.

The main difference is that the venue coordinator works for the venue and makes sure everything in the venue is running smoothly for your special day. Your wedding coordinator works for you – the couple and ensures everything on the entire day goes off without a hitch. Of course the both go hand in hand to make a perfect partnership because without the venue coordinator your wedding coordinator would have a much bigger team to organise, and no one knows their team like their manager. Saying that, your venue coordinator will oversee the venue only and not be with you the whole day, at the church making sure your guests are comfy and settled, ensuring all suppliers are set up in the correct places throughout the day, etc (unless this is all at the venue).

Your wedding coordinator will be in contact with all the suppliers before the big day to introduce themselves so that all suppliers have the same information and know who to contact on the big day as well as having a good understanding of your wants and needs ahead of time. Your wedding coordinator will usually be the first person to arrive on site that day and the last one to leave and will be in charge of all the small details to make sure they are perfectly placed exactly where you have instructed them to go. If you aren’t sure, your wedding coordinator will be able to style these for you if they offer that service. (I do!) This includes table decorations, entertainment, lighting, making sure everyone that’s needs to be is around for photos, make sure the cake doesn’t melt in the heat, put the bridal flowers in water to keep them alive for as long as possible (you don’t want to pay all that money for them to die on the day, especially when its hot).

If you would like that extra security, organisation and peace of mind, I would highly recommend investing in a wedding coordinator.

I offer free consultations to have a chat through what it is you need help with and to see if we are right for each other. Fill in the form on my website and I will be in touch with you very soon 😊

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