My Top 5 Holidays to date… Part 2

If you have read Part 1 of this story, then thank you for coming back. I always love reading about other people’s experiences and travels, keeping my eyes open for inspiration of where to visit next. Why don’t you let me know where you would go in the comments. I think next on my travel list is Morocco, it looks beautiful.

Anyway, continuing from Part 1, I am talking you through my top five holidays to date. Of course, I love travelling because I am interested in the culture and finding new places, but I also love picking up designs/style’s and ideas for events.

I can’t tell you how many times I search though Pinterest for new ideas and come across some incredible designs that are inspired by different cultures and styles. For example, when I think of India, I think bright coloured material, marigolds, candles, lights and food. When I travelled to Australia, I noticed the very natural earthy colours, using a lot of greens, pale blues and sandy colours. I mean they do have a lot of gorgeous beaches, rainforests and deserts that showcase the earthy elements at their best. Everything around you should always help inspire and spark new ideas. You just have to be able to notice it, every small detail counts.

The first holiday to feature today is Australia. I have visited the land of Oz three times now and it never gets predictable, to me it is like a second home. I first visited in 2011. I was 18 at the time, had just finished school and decided that Uni was not for me I wanted to get some life experience travelling around Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore for 11 months. It was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself.

Australia just felt like home to me but without the family, which is probably why I never thought of moving there. I am very lucky to be able to say I have some amazing friends in Australia, that I now obviously visit every time I go. Some of these childhood friends from home and some, the friends I made in India when I was there for Christmas in 2010.

I have some amazing memories from this beautiful country, sleeping in a campervan was one, (the best way to travel around this huge country). I have driven a campervan each time I have been and have had a lot of funny moments in them, from getting lost in rainforests, running back from a wild toilet because there were sightings of snakes in the area and even travelling with a Gecko. This story needs explaining as I think it is cute. We travelled over 100km with a Gecko on the outside of our van. When we noticed him, we tried to get him off so that he could stay in his hometown, but he wasn’t having any of it, hiding in the wing mirror. As we drove the over 100km, he would keep popping his head out and walking along the side of the van, yes as we were driving … we thought for sure he wasn’t going to make it, but night after night he was still with us, so we named him Jerry. In the end it didn’t end well for Jerry … but we won’t dwell on the sad times.

I have also visited some iconic Australian landmarks and cities as well as escaping to the wild to explore. I drove over 800km to visit Ayres Rock, visiting at both sunset and sunrise, both beautiful and a completely different experience each time as the sun hits the rock.

You can’t go to Australia and not visit Sydney. I love this city, I worked there for four months in a Priceline, (the equivalent to Boots here). I watched the New Year fireworks, sitting for twelve hours in the burning sun to get front row viewing next to the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. Sitting for hours in the Botanical Gardens with friends catching up and people watching, climbing the Harbour Bridge and I cannot forget ‘Pancakes on the Rocks’! The best pancakes I have ever had … fact!

I could talk about Australia for ages, but I need to get onto the next holiday so here goes ….

Nepal. I have visited this country twice now with family and friends. Each time we have been, we have been involved in community projects and charities and have come across some of the most inspiring people I have ever met.

The community projects that I am involved in there are my favourites. Traveling to local schools, talking to the students, handing out schoolbooks, pens, pencils and posters that we had bought with us from the UK and playing football with the local Scout groups, will stay with me forever. My mum and I are Scout Leaders here in the UK, so that meant a lot to us. Most rewarding was distributing clothes and sports equipment, all of which make a huge impact on those children’s lives. I for sure take a lot for granted in life and this was a real eye opener for me.

My most memorable experience was visiting a local orphanage. It was tough to see the children and disabled adults there, but they had an amazing life with an incredible lady looking after them. She had named all the children with a letter A, so they all felt that they come first in life, which I think is beautiful. I sat talking to the girls who’s ages ranged between 10 and 15 years old. They loved to dance, showed me their moves and asked me join in after they saw my videos on my phone. We had such fun and they were so happy. There was also a gorgeous little boy who was only 18 days old, I couldn’t stop cuddling him. We handed out some of the clothes and toys, but the mum of the orphanage made sure she kept most of it hidden away so she could give them out for Birthday presents throughout the year.

On my first visit we boarded a tiny little plane and I mean … tiny, it had eight seats! Not my favourite journey ever, but the views were worth it. We flew towards the Himalayan mountains and we even saw the Peak of Mount Everest. The snow-capped mountains were stunning. I can tell you that that is going to be the nearest I get to Mount Everest, I love a challenge … but not that one.

From the beautiful golden temples to the vast forests, every experience I had in Nepal was exciting, even when I spotted a one horned rhino coming straight towards us from the long grass on a safari trip. Luckily, we made it out alive.

This country is one to add to your travel list if you like being surrounded by history and culture.

It wouldn’t be right not to mention the experiences you can have nearer home. I love a city break. Nothing better than just deciding you are going to pop to Europe for a few days, (though not so easy at the moment)!

There is something about European destinations that feel so romantic and special. Some of my favourites include Bruges, eating a lot of chocolate, you can’t go and not! Barcelona, having a few wild nights out on a girl holiday. Budapest, my mum and I visited just before Covid hit in March 2020, it was so quiet. It felt like we had the whole city to ourselves, so beautiful, one of my favourites so far along with Vienna. Ben and I went to Vienna in the winter season and it was so magical. Ice skating in the park, walking around exploring the city, and eating all the food we could find, were the highlights.

Travelling has obviously been put on hold for the last year, but I can’t wait to continue to explore the world when it is safe to do so.

I am sending my love to you all, stay safe.

Until next time.



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